7 quotes about the nature of the narcissism

The nature of the daffodil is complicated, paradoxical and dangerous – not only for others, but also for himself. Seven quotes will help to understand its difficult nature.

“Love for oneself is the beginning of a novel that lasts a whole life” (about. Wilde)

A normal, healthy form of self -love has little in common with what can be called “Roman”. The first option is based not only on self -esteem, but also on recognizing their shortcomings and weaknesses. The second – romantic – the script leads to egocentrism.

It is in it that the basis of problems in the relationship of daffodils with people around them. After all, one of the main features of unhealthy egoism is the inability to take care of others and dissatisfaction with the fact that their personality is not paid enough attention.

“All prejudices destroyed, we read all zeros, and units – ourselves”
(A. WITH. Pushkin)*

These stanzas from the Pushkin “Evgeny Onegin” are the best illustrate two types of love for themselves: healthy or converting into narcissism. YU.M. Lotman in his commentary on the novel notes that Napoleon’s figure was “the highest manifestation of all European egoism, in his activity, political immoralism and willingness to all sacrifice personal ambition” was emphasized in his activity.

At the same time are nothing more than a “tool”, an instrument for achieving a personal goal.

The second quote Lotman is interpreted as “a practical recipe for how to behave in the light”. And gives an example to Pushkin’s advice to his brother – “Be cold with everyone;Familiarity always harms “.

In this case, pride – or, better to say, self -love – seems to be a means to maintain personal dignity, oneself and its independence in an always cold and hostile secular environment.

“Proud always crawls like a snake to sting” (j. G. Byron)

Byron, one of the main preachers of romantic egoism, perfectly felt his nature. Comparison of pride with a poisonous snake stinging others is a bright metaphor for the behavior of man-narcissus.

If you suddenly say or do something that the selfish will consider a claim to his leadership, uniqueness or impeccable taste, he will attack you like a snake-do not hesitate. People of such a warehouse protect their high self -esteem as the apple of the eye and are ready to protect it with all zeal.

“Blind should not portray love, but narcissism” (Voltaire)

Voltaire formulates one of the main problems that the narcissus facilitates with his inherent laconicism. Manicing narcissism prevents people from seeing themselves as they really are. The self -portrait drawn in their minds is radiant, and behind its blinding light, Narcissus tries to hide from himself and surrounding his own shortcomings.

For such people it is not enough to be normal. They interpret their personality as endowed not just positive, but super -positive characteristics. This desire for high planks can be laid down in them since childhood – thanks to parents.

The triumph from the fact that incredibly high and unattainable height is taken for everyone else, requires exit and turns into a permanent demonstration of its own superiority. The problem is that internally convincing perfection is not so noticeable from the outside. Therefore, others see a portrait without embellishment – a mixture of selfishness, indulgence and arrogance.

“Half of evil in the world

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is due to people who want to feel important. They do not want to harm, but the harm they are in reality do not bother them. They either do not notice or justify it, because they are absorbed in an endless struggle to think well about themselves. “. (T. WITH. Eliot)

This quote from the classic of American poetry of Thomas Eliot emphasizes the deep difference between Narcissus’s Zelence (that is, hatred of a society characteristic of sociopath) and such a side factor of behavior of a narcissistic person as inattention to others.

It does not even occur to such people that their actions can harm. Egocentrism and increased attention to the interests of his person deprives the egoists of the opportunity to understand the feelings of others, empathize with loved ones.

The needs of the “I” and the desire to constantly be better than others prevent them from seeing problems and danger arising from their behavior. Because in their world all these costs are goals.

“I don’t care what you think, until you think about me”
(TO. Cobain)

Quote from the song “Drain You” with the legendary Nirvana album “Nevermind” exposes another character that is important for human narcissus. This is a fundamental unwillingness to listen to the interlocutor. Narcissus is completely indifferent to everything that does not apply to it directly.

He is literally physically unable to experience a sincere, genuine interest in another person. With one exception – if suddenly it is not about him. Because in this case, in the speech of the interlocutor, the Narcissus will be able to find additional evidence of his superiority, the confirmation of which is vital for him.

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