Julianna Moore: “For those who I am, I owe. freckles “

One of the most significant actresses of our time. Oscar nominee and laureate Cannes, Berlin and Venice. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Civil activist. The author of children’s bestseller. Man. Meeting with Julianna Moore, about which I want to know all the details.

“There are probably? You were driving from New York!”She appears as if from nowhere on a sleepy street of a tiny resort montock, next to the restaurant” Kitchen of Joni “, where I am sitting on a white bench near a long white wooden table. Two couples on the beach floated past me, in the same direction, a girl dragged a dog, resting like a donkey, two bicycles rose … and in 10 minutes no one else. Only a warm wind, the sun, near dunes. And then she. From nowhere. In a hat covering his face and sunglasses (“I burn to tomato!”), In a light light sleeveless dress, completely without cosmetics, but in all the splendor of a billion of their freckles and fiery aggression of long red hair. I don’t even have time to swallow the air to answer that, in fact, I was driving from London, and she already throws a canvas bag on a bench, runs to the rack, orders us two portions of the best that the local gastronomic seducer has Johni (stewed chicken with brown rice), pays right away (God forbid, I will not let her later), sits in front of me with a glass of ginger non -alcoholic cocktail with ice and finally exhales.

It turns out that Julianna Moore is swift. Judging by her roles, she is serious and thoughtful, deeply feels and sincerely empathizes. And it is primarily weightless and swift. And even white to transparency and is extremely delicate. When I say that my eldest daughter also has freckles, she throws me with questions: whether the body is, can she sunbathe, whether she will tease her


at school, does she complex because of them … I am surprised: is it really a four-time nominee for a nominee forOscar is still worried about freckles? A strange thing, but it is from these frivolous freckles that our completely serious conversation begins.

J. M.: The fact is that they made me different. Other than everyone else. Red brown. All childhood. And this is not easy – you want to be like everyone else, wearing the same and dance the same. And here it is: you are different. But the focus is that what makes us different makes us. So I’m talking about freckles, because I owe them to what I became. Actually, that’s why I wrote this book*. Partly about your childhood.

Psychologies: Yes, “Freckle strawberries”, a series of children’s books, a bestseller.

J. M.: This is about this – about a girl who is so different from peers and is forced to prove that she is no worse than them. Actually, I admire the other red and freckled heroine-Peppy Long Highlights. But she is precisely that the heroine. And I wrote a book about an ordinary girl who does not have peppy superpowers. I wrote a book on psychology for children if you want.

Honestly, I do not believe that the appearance determines something. If you are not a model, of course ..

J. M.: In specific events of life – no. But, excuse me, in our formation, our appearance is of great importance … and here it is stupid to be hypocrite. I tell you this as a military daughter, who has replaced 9 schools in 10 years. Dad was a military judge, we actually lived according to the instructions of his leadership – where he will be sent, we also. We moved from place to place, from base to base, 23 times to my 18 years! And in every new place they dressed differently, otherwise they spoke and danced – and this is important when you are 14! I had to adapt to new morals and foundations every year. It made me more flexible, yes. And showed that, despite all the differences, people are the same everywhere. But I invariably turned out to be another everywhere. To some extent, I needed to overcome these freckles, as I overcome the previous manners and previous habits. Do you really think that this did not form me?

I just do not believe in the decisive value of the appearance.

J. M.: And I believe Oscar Wilde, who claimed: only the most superficial people do not judge by appearance! In the sense that appearance not only shows something in us, but also sets something in us. Especially in youth. I noticed here that my daughter, she is 13, becomes … Damn, but a real beauty! I noticed and, honestly, cheated. Because she also has to overcome the dictate of appearance. And show maturity so as not to become her slave. I am not familiar with these problems – I have never been considered an indisputable beauty.

I just wanted to ask about children. Usually we, parents, experience their adolescence as a test or punishment of the Lord.

J. M.: Everything is tolerable for us so far. No riots, no scandals. You see, I am all this time – from their birth – I am experiencing a feeling … blessing. I have children! Eat! Children! You know, see you with Bart (Bart Froindlich, film director, husband of Julianna. – approx. Ed.) I have lived in marriage for many years. My first husband and I did not have children. But even before my first marriage, long, I always knew that I would have children. I always believed in my family. Perhaps due to the fact that she grew up with their mothers and dads, who met at the age of 12 and have not parted since then … In the family who moved all the time and therefore held on one team-we were really very close. And when I finally met a person who was ready to become my team, Bart, I had a feeling … execution. And when the children were born, first Cal, then Liv, I felt … Yes, some kind of blessing. As if I finally coincided with my genuine “center”. And then … Children make us more patient. At first, after all, they have everything slowly, the first steps, teaching such simple things. They say to me: it is so exhausting – but I think not at all, it’s just a slowdown in your time. You see … We are prepared for misfortunes, prepare them to resist them, withstand them. But who when he prepared a person to happiness? And we do not know how to recognize it. And I recognized. And since then my whole life is subordinated to our “team”. Both Bart and I try to work more in the summer – so that if you leave, then the whole family. The academic year is irremovable, always in New York. Summer is always here in Montoku. In this routine I see strength. And what else do children need, except for the sensation of the strength of their lives? Maybe that’s why everything is quiet for us. And, by the way, Caleb, for example, at 16 years older than I was at 16. He has a girlfriend, they have a serious relationship. Not that we have at their age – except for dancing … But we have everything strictly. Kaleb knows that I can look at his Facebook page (extremist organization banned in Russia). Because, damn it, there can be no Privacy at the age of 16! Although … in our family everything turned out like in mine: one parent gave money and bought something beautiful, and the second forbidden. Dad gave me $ 50 and forbade me to leave home today, and my mother said: go to the cinema to Bergman, but do not ask for money today. We also. Although I am obsessed with the discipline, we are far from ideal.

But still you have not the most ordinary family. The husband is 10 years younger than you, the first child was born when you were already in quite adulthood ..

J. M.: No, we have an ordinary family. I mean, everything happened to us without any plan, of course. We met Bart, and I was fully aware of our age difference … But then our relations developed, and age ceased to be important. Then we began to live together. Then the children were born. And age still does not matter … if you are responsible for each other … no, specifically the age does not matter. And children-is it important when they were born if it is really important that they were born and with you?

1 Book of Julianna Moore “Freckleface Strawberry” (Bloomsbury Juvenile us) was published in 2007. Continuation followed in 2009 and 2011.

You admit that the age difference may still be fatal and will appear, sorry for the tactlessness, “another woman”?

J. M.: Quite. But this will also be natural. Life is not obliged to report to us, it is pointless to resist. You can only help. What happens is just going on. I am not a daffodil to believe that everything in the zone of my responsibility depends on me. And then … no matter how we are attached to each other … each of us has a job. And we have children. And we have a house. And someone should take the dog to the veterinarian. And in the house the pipe leaked … and at some point you get tired. I quite understand how you can get tired of this happy routine. How to get tired of happiness. Understand.

You are 53. You are certainly beautiful, and this is not at all an empty compliment. But old age … she will take something?

J. M.: And something will give in return, I’m sure.

But the loss of attractiveness does not scare you? You yourself are talking about the importance of appearance.

J. M.: I’m not particularly worried about appearance – I have already formed as a person. And then, it turns out, I have good genes – I don’t change radically. Of course, I’m old like everyone else. But I’m not very worried about it. I am more worried that women are denied the right to age. It’s a shame to get old. The very natural course of life, time is denied.

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